30 Nov 360° Kummersdorf

Back again with some 360° stuff from the ‚Heeresversuchsanstalt Kummersdorf-Gut‘ in Brandenburg, not far from the ‚Flugplatz Sperenberg‘ and the Schumkasee I visited earlier. The whole terrain is in remarkably good shape given the fact that it lies abandoned now for nearly two decades. Most of the buildings are protected heritage, but its doubtful that any building activity will ever happen there, mostly because Wünsdorf has taken over the leading part in bunker tourist business. Nevertheless these military grounds are amongst the most interesting in germany, with the first buildings dating back to pre WWI ‚Kaiserszeiten‘.
When the Nazis took over, experiments in radioactive and chemical warfare were peformed, the infamous ‚Maus‘ tank was built and tested here and even Wernher von Braun had his playground before he moved to Peenemünde. Highly recommended for a visit (you know the rules), I will be back for sure…

Please note: This virtual tour is quite old and needs Flash. Sorry if you’re on android or ios.